1. HebbaJebba

From the recording HebbaJebba

Ted Hajnasiewicz - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass
Mark Ganje - lead and rhythm guitars
Paul Gordhamer - drums - vocals
Steve Peffer - Hammond B3, piano

Written by Ted Hajnasiewicz - All the Angels Sing (ASCAP), Alex Sutherland


Excuse me while I hold this wall
It's such a simple job
Please don't approach me, but don't leave me alone
Overlooked, just speak up

Cultivating flowers for this wall
It's such a stressful job
I so wish I was more like everyone
Overlooked, just speak up

Awkward silence is my opening line
All alone, is such a lonely job
Palms are drenched, give me a lifeline
Overlook me, I can't speak up

I can't help, it's who I be
I didn't ask for this job
Please don['t hold this against me

I'm not much for conversation, but I do so love your company