From the recording HebbaJebba

Ted Hajnasiewicz: vocal, acoustic guitars
Tobias Wilson: pedal steel guitar

Written by Ted Hajnasiewicz - All the Angels Sing (ASCAP)


I know you’ve heard it all
Mostly it’s been my fault
I don’t know nothin’ at all
But some day you’ll understand

See, I don’t know what we’re doin’
I don’t know how we fell apart
See, once upon a time you were my little girl
Why is grown’ old so hard

I don’t know how this works
I guess I could look back on my life
See the things we’re goin’ through, they may be all new to you
Forgive me for being unkind

I know I talk too much
These conversations may seem a waste of time
But if you only knew how much I value you
In a way I never knew how to communicate to you
Forgive me for being unwise