1. Eight Years

From the recording HebbaJebba

Ted Hajnasiewicz - vocal, rhythm guitar, bass
Mark Ganje - lead and rhythm guitars
Paul Gordhamer - drums
Steve Peffer - Hammond B3

Written by Ted Hajnasiewicz - All the Angels Sing (ASCAP)


It’s been eight years and counting
Since you first told me you do
And how you do...
Eight years of sunrise
Where I open my eyes
And the first thing I see is you

Eight years of laughter
You're the smile that sparked a fire
Eight years of living
And you're the reason why
I do
I do
Darling, I do

It's been either years of fighting
Sometimes enemies with my best friend
Eight years of fighting
For the marriage we defend

Eight years of learning
Something new every day about you
Eight years and I still
Know you're the reason why
I do
I do
Darling, I do

I know I don't have a thing to prove
But I'm gonna prove it all
Prove it all to you

Eight years is all we have
And we have all we need
Eight years is all I want
Cause you're here with me

Eight years is reason enough
To say to you
I do
I do
Darling, I do