From the recording HebbaJebba

Ted Hajnasiewicz - vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Mark Ganje - lead and rhythm guitars
Paul Gordhamer - drums, vocals
Steve Peffer - Hammond B3

Written by Ted Hajnasiewicz - All the Angels Sing (ASCAP), Don Harris, Dewey Terry


She thinks it’s hip when I put my hands on her hips
And kiss her lips and tell her she’s beautiful
And it’s easy to say something you feel anyway

She says it’s nice when I treat her oh so right
and I know she likes to hear she’s beautiful
It’s easy to say something that’s true anyway

I’m in love with the farmer’s daughter
You know the one with the champagne eyes

She may be crazy about me, and I think that’s crazy
She dirves me crazy, and Oh how I live the way she drives
It’s easy to love someone like her anyway

I love the way she walks
I love the way she talks
I love the way she moves
She moves, she moves me